21 Oct 2011

Post by darling Irini

We are lost

We are lost..
 sometimes its ok..sometimes its very painful..sometimes its like paradise.. sometimes we are trying to find a way out of it...
But there are many times that we are lost..
lost in silence,lost in feelings, lost in despair,lost in ourselves,lost in happiness,lost in sadness..
we are lost..
like  a wave  trying to find the sea..
like a raindrop trying to find the rain..
like a home trying to find its place...
we travel..
we learn..
we think..
we love ...
 we hate....
but then..we find ourselves somehow lost....
far away...
in a no ones land..
in no ones hand..
in no ones  heart...
we learn.. 
we hope..
we are trying..
trying not to be lost..just to be found.

All photos by  © Irini Michopoulou

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