20 Mar 2011

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Meeting the meet market

Alison is such a sweet girl...in the last meet market 2 darlings met  her and had a chat...
What is your role @ the Meet Market?  I guess I am the "mother" of the meet market.  I have many roles, from organizing, designing the layout, answering emails/phone calls, booking venues, cleaning up afterwards, accounting and paper work, maintain the website, writing press releases, public relations, money management ... like anyone who runs their own business, you have to do many jobs and any job to make it all work and come together at the end of the day
Definition of the Meet Market in 3-4 words and how did the idea come about?
community - creativity - interactivity. 
The idea of markets is probably one of the oldest ideas and the beginning of commerce.  The specific idea of the Meet Market came about after I had been living abroad and participating in markets with my jewelry.  When I moved to Athens, I was looking for something similar in which to sell my work, but I didnt find any fresh markets where young independent designers could come share their work.... just the laiki, panigiria, the thisio sunday junk market, etc.  So with inspiration and perspiration we made the Meet Market, focusing on the creations and inspirations of local artists, designers, djs and independent businesses.
What is the 'material' that your world is made out of? 
If I had to pick    one material, it would have to be the intangible material of dreams.  My world is made of dreams that manifest into reality.  I suppose like all of us in this world.
She get her inspiration  from the little things such as light and warm weather, to friends, positive people doing positive things, music, travel, film, politics, news, books.. .just about everything.On the other hand she is repelled by laziness and negativity...people who love to complain and hate just for the sake of it.
The darling word in her life is  something strong i can tell..she call her  dear friends like that her family her cat and of course her wonder man..lucky girl;);)
I think everybody has something vintage that likes so when we ask her she really surprised us telling that she  has a vintage matchbook collection..:)
Her everyday  attention is grabbed by work and by things that need to be done.She likes people doing new fresh things...

Photos by  © Irini Michopoulou

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